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Kobe Trip

My friend, Ronnie, and I took a quick weekend trip to Kobe, Japan. Whenever we travel together we try to fit in as many experiences as we can and this trip was no exception. Below is a video from the real reason that Ronnie wanted to go to Kobe...a Chilean restaurant. It was delicious and we had a once in a lifetime encounter with the owner and his family. Below the video are 223 photographs that I took throughout the trip. You can click on them to see a larger view or head over to the Kobe gallery under the "Street" menu to the left. I hope you enjoy the photos!

This video was taken at the first Chilean restaurant to open in Japan, Gran Micaela y Dago. Gran Micaela y Dago is a family owned business named for the founders, Micaela and Dago (Micaela is Mama Michiko's Catholic baptism name, Dago is Papa-Dagobert's nickname). Dago is the gentleman singing a traditional Chilean welcome song to visitors.

We started off the trip with a ferry ride from Osaka's Kansai Airport over to Kobe. After we checked in at our hotel, we headed out to sightsee for a while before Ronnie's dinner reservations. Our first stop was the Ikuta Shrine which happened to be right near our hotel! After that we walked around Kitano-Cho which is home to many beautiful western-style houses, including the famous Weathercock House. We stumbled upon a hiking trail in Kitano and decided to hike along it until it was time for dinner. From the trail we were able to see the entire city of Kobe and the bay. 

After the hike we went to Gran Micaela y Dago, a Chilean restaurant, and had a wonderful time meeting the owners and their family. Following this amazing dinner experience we went to Harborland so I could get some city nightscapes and shots of their very unique Ferris Wheel.


Day two involved us traveling to Himeji Castle, the White Heron Castle, which was absoultely beautiful. We were very lucky that they had finished their five year restoration project just a month before we visited! After Himeji Castle we returned to Kobe and decided to hike up and see Nunobiki Falls. It turns out that you can hike all the way up to a dam that still provides fresh water to the city. On the way down it was getting dark which provided a good opportunity for some more city nightscapes from a high, mountain-side vantage point. We ate dinner at the awesome Thai restaurant in our hotel.

Day three we decided to go up the Shin-Kobe Ropeway to see the Nunobiki Herb Gardens that we had hiked under the night before. There were some absolutely beautifully maintained gardens there along with some great views of the city. We went back down and tailed it Chinatown, one of only three sanctioned Chinatowns in Japan. We barely made it back to our hotel and to the bus to the airport!