Dick Mace Photography


Waynebob's Departure, Oki-venturing with Ronnie, and Jordan's Going Away.

I took one of my closest friends to the airport for the final time today. Wayne was my sponsor and first friend on Oki. It's been great getting to know him and his family. I'm really going to miss him. Safe travels, buddy.

Ronnie and I had originally planned on rock climbing today but they were unexpectedly closed. So we improvised an Oki-Venture! We had an awesome time. Ronnie had never been to Ikei so we headed out there to take in all the sights. We had perfect weather, low 70's and partly sunny. We met some fun people too! We met a farmer who was harvesting some sugarcane. He cut some off for us and showed us how to "eat" it. It was delicious! We also met an adorable old dog in the middle of a road that was wearing a safety vest. She came over to us and let us pet her for a while.

We stumbled upon a whole bunch of pretty awesome things as well. We found an old, abandoned bus near a beach which was pretty fun to explore. We were just driving around talking about there being some ruins on Ikei and wondering where they were located when we literally drove past a sign for them, haha. So we got to explore the Nakabaru Ruins as well which is a pretty fascinating part of Okinawan History. 

Next on the stumble-upon itinerary was a secluded beach that included a steep hike down to it. It looked like a great spot for snorkeling, not to mention fishing. On the rock wall opposite the beach there were a couple small caves that were pretty fun to explore as well. 

After the beach we headed up to a small lighthouse that you could see from the beach. It was little bit of a walk as well but on the way back we met a local fisherman who was preparing to rappel down to his favorite fishing spot. All in all it was a pretty incredible adventure!

After our Oki-Venture we headed back to the main island to go to Jordan's going away dinner. We went to the Garlic House, which is incredible if you've never been, and met up with a bunch of people. Afterwards we went to Blue Seal for ice cream!

It seems like we're losing some of the kindest, hardest-working members of our unit this year. I'm especially going to miss Jordan's incredible ability to stay level-headed in the midst of intense, constant upheaval. I wish I was one-tenth as calm and collected as she always is. I'm going to miss her.