Dick Mace Photography


Squadron Holiday Party!

The name is Mace. Dick Mace. 

Cue the Bond Theme Music! We had our annual Squadron Holiday Party yesterday evening and I have to tell you that parties are infinitely more enjoyable when you have had nothing to do with the planning and execution. The 2014 390 IS Squadron Holiday party was no exception. Our squadron voted 007 as the theme of the evening and some people went all out with their outfits...others not so much. All in all, it was a, mostly, good evening with friends and coworkers, punctuated with only some minor shenanigans.

Also, I apologize for the overall poor quality of the images, it was quite dark in the ballroom and in the interest of preserving the atmosphere I chose not to use a flash (this choice had nothing to do with the fact that I am horrible at operating my flash in dynamic environments...I swear.) This choice resulted in quite a bit of noise in the photographs. I attempted to remove some of it, which, in turn, made a lot of the photos appear "soft." If there's a particular photo that you want for your personal collection, let me know and I can spend a little more time cleaning it up. Enjoy!