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Ginoza Hamburger Festival, Sea-Glass Beach, Shrines, and Pizza In the Sky!!!

Ginoza Hamburger Festival. You had me at Ham...burger. Seriously, though. Whoever thought of this event deserves a ginormous High-Five. The premise is simple, you eat hamburgers and vote for your favorite. I can't think of an event that I would want to attend more. Big shout out to Dondi for telling me about it. 

And the Black Hamburger was actually pretty good, don't judge a book by it's cover. 

Sometimes it is really hard living 7,000 miles away from home. The days where I get sunburned at the beach in December are not some of them. I'm going to miss this sub-tropical paradise. 

I'm always down for some Pizza in the Sky, even if it takes forrevvvverrrrr to get to it. The view and the pizza are always worth it and once you arrive, you forget the effort it took to get there. Mostly, anyway. 

Richard Mace